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Pre-Calc Exam Notes 14

Pre-Calc Exam Notes 14 - 14 Chapter 1 Right Triangle...

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14 Chapter 1 Right Triangle Trigonometry §1.3 1.3 Applications and Solving Right Triangles Throughout its early development, trigonometry was often used as a means of indirect mea- surement, e.g. determining large distances or lengths by using measurements of angles and small, known distances. Today, trigonometry is widely used in physics, astronomy, engineer- ing, navigation, surveying, and various Felds of mathematics and other disciplines. In this section we will see some of the ways in which trigonometry can be applied. Your calculator should be in degree mode for these examples. Example 1.11 A person stands 150 ft away from a ±agpole and measures an angle of elevation of 32 from his horizontal line of sight to the top of the ±agpole. Assume that the person’s eyes are a vertical distance of 6 ft from the ground. What is the height of the ±agpole? 150 32 6 h Solution: The picture on the right describes the situation. We see that the height of the ±agpole is h + 6 ft, where
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