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Unformatted text preview: Applications and Solving Right Triangles • Section 1.3 21 1 2 ′′ 90 ◦ 120 ◦ 8. A ball bearing sits between two metal grooves, with the top groove having an angle of 120 ◦ and the bottom groove having an angle of 90 ◦ , as in the picture on the right. What must the diameter of the ball bearing be for the distance between the vertices of the grooves to be half an inch? You may assume that the top vertex is directly above the bottom vertex. 1.5 1.7 d 30 ◦ 9. The machine tool diagram on the right shows a symmetric worm thread , in which a circular roller of diameter 1.5 inches sits. Find the amount d that the top of the roller rises above the top of the thread, given the information in the diagram. ( Hint: Extend the slanted sides of the thread until they meet at a point. ) 10. Repeat Exercise 9 using 1.8 inches as the distance across the top of the worm thread. 11. In Exercise 9, what would the distance across the top of the worm thread have to be to make d equal to 0 inches?equal to 0 inches?...
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