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Unformatted text preview: 24 Chapter 1 • Right Triangle Trigonometry §1.4 1.4 Trigonometric Functions of Any Angle To define the trigonometric functions of any angle - including angles less than 0 ◦ or greater than 360 ◦- we need a more general definition of an angle. We say that an angle is formed by rotating a ray −−→ OA about the endpoint O (called the vertex ), so that the ray is in a new position, denoted by the ray −−→ OB . The ray −−→ OA is called the initial side of the angle, and −−→ OB is the terminal side of the angle (see Figure 1.4.1(a)). A O initial side B t e r m i n a l s i d e (a) angle ∠ AOB counter-clockwise direction ( + ) clockwise direction ( − ) A O B (b) positive and negative angles Figure 1.4.1 Definition of a general angle We denote the angle formed by this rotation as ∠ AOB , or simply ∠ O , or even just O . If the rotation is counter-clockwise then we say that the angle is positive , and the angle is negative if the rotation is clockwise (see Figure 1.4.1(b)).if the rotation is clockwise (see Figure 1....
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