Contemporary Advertising

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Unformatted text preview: AD TEST 2 REVIEW 04/03/2008 02:17:00 4 Groups in Ad Business • Advertisers: (clients) one of the main groups of the advertising business; companies that sponsor advertising for themselves & their products o Ad Agencies: the other main group; helps the advertiser plan, create, & prepare ad campaigns & other promotional materials o Suppliers: includes photographers, illustrators, printers, digital service bureaus, color film separators, video production houses, Internet Web developers, & others who assist both advertisers & agencies in preparing ad materials o Media: sells time & space or both to carry the advertiser’s message to the target audience Retail (Local) Ad Types • Dealers or local franchisees of national companies that specialize in one main product line or service (Wendy’s) • Stores that sell a variety of branded merchandise, usually on a nonexclusive basis (grocery/department stores) • Specialty businesses & services (banks, restaurants, hair salons) • Governmental, quasigovernmental & nonprof organizations Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC): joining together in a consistent manner everything that communicates with customers Cooperative Advertising • Co-Op Advertising: the sharing of advertising costs by the manufacturer & the distributor or retailer • Builds the manufacturer’s brand image & helps its distributors, dealers, or retailers make more sales • Vertical Cooperative Advertising: the manufacturer provides the complete ad & shares the cost of advertising time or space • Horizontal Cooperative Advertising: firms in the same business or in the same part of town advertise jointly Types of Local Advertising Departments • Product Advertising: promotes a specific product or service & stimulates short- tern action while building awareness of the business o Regular Price-Line Advertising: informs consumers about services or merchandise offered at regular prices o Sale Advertising: placing items on sale & offering two-for-one specials or other deals o Clearance Advertising: a special form of sale advertising used to make room for new product lines or new models & to get rid of slow-moving lines, floor samples, broken or distressed merchandise, or out-of-season items • Institutional Advertising: attempts to create a favorable long-term perception of the business as a whole, not just of a particular product or service • Classified Advertising: ads placed in the newspaper to locate & recruit new employees, offer services, or sell or lease new & used merchandise Types of Agencies • Local Agencies: smaller but more specialized and reach an intimate market only • Regional Agencies: ad agency that focuses on production & placement of advertising suitable for regional campaigns • National Agencies: ad agencies that produce & place the quality of advertising suitable for national campaigns • International Agencies: an ad agency that has offices or affiliates in major communication centers around the world & can help its clients market...
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AD TEST 2 REVIEW - AD TEST 2 REVIEW 02:17:00 4 Groups in Ad...

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