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Pre-Calc Exam Notes 89

Pre-Calc Exam Notes 89 - Radians and Degrees Section 4.1 89...

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Radians and Degrees Section 4.1 89 One reason why radians are used is that the scale is smaller than for degrees. One revolu- tion in radians is 2 π 6 . 283185307, which is much smaller than 360, the number of degrees in one revolution. The smaller scale makes the graphs of trigonometric functions (which we will discuss in Chapter 5) have similar scales for the horizontal and vertical axes. Another reason is that often in physical applications the variables being used are in terms of arc length, which makes radians a natural choice. The default mode in most scientific calculators is to use degrees for entering angles. On many calculators there is a button labeled a0 DRG for switching between degree mode (D), radian mode (R), and gradian mode (G). 1 On some graphing calculators, such as the the TI- 83, there is a a0 MODE button for changing between degrees and radians. Make sure that your calculator is in the correct angle mode before entering angles, or your answers will likely be way off. For example,
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