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Unformatted text preview: Area of a Sector Section 4.3 97 a b r Figure 4.3.3 So far we have dealt with the area cut off by a central angle. How would you find the area of a region cut off by an inscribed angle, such as the shaded region in Figure 4.3.3? In this picture, the center of the circle is inside the inscribed angle, and the lengths a and b of the two chords are given, as is the radius r of the circle. Drawing line segments from the center of the circle to the endpoints of the chords indicates how to solve this problem: add up the areas of the two triangles and the sector formed by the central angle. The areas and angles of the two triangles can be determined (since all three sides are known) using methods from Chapter 2. Also, recall (Theorem 2.4 in Section 2.5) that a central angle has twice the measure of any inscribed angle which intercepts the same arc. In the exercises you will be asked to solve problems like this (including the cases where the center of the circle is outside or on the inscribed angle).inscribed angle)....
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