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CRS Final Exam - CRS Final Exam Study Guide Advocacy: the...

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Unformatted text preview: CRS Final Exam Study Guide Advocacy: the deliberate process of influencing those who made policy decisions- Argument- Persuasion- Target Audience- Actions Rhetoric: the art or study of using language effectively and persuasively- Relationship between language and persuasion- Strategic use of communication to achieve specifiable goals- EX: Presidential Speech (how you are going to get people to vote for you) Rhetorical Analysis:- Requires you to apply your critical reading skills in order to break down a text. - Goal is to articulate how the author writes rather than what they actually wrote- Its not a summary - Got to know: thesis, purpose, intended audience, direction, dialogue, structure, use of punctuation to create an effect The Rhetorical Situation: Context Affects the whole messageConversation walking into. It shapes the communications sits in the center of the rhetorical triangles and affects each of the other elements - Content: argument- Audience: who you are targeting, theres always a target- Medium: how the way you communicate helps persuade your message Target Audience: The people you need to persuade to take action in order to achieve your organization goals- No such thing as a general audience- Meeting their needs, preferences, attitudes, knowledge- Chances of reaching an audience are greatly increased if the advocate tries to understand the audience and its characteristics Persuasion Theories- Resonance: communication that evokes meaning to the audience- Narrative: telling a story- Social judgment: accept or reject a message based on your social judgment...
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CRS Final Exam - CRS Final Exam Study Guide Advocacy: the...

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