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Syllabus-IST323-Spring2012-v0.1 - IST 323(M001) Syllabus...

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Unformatted text preview: IST 323(M001) Syllabus Spring 2012 I ntro to I nformation Security (v0.1) I. Course Details Course(Section) Instructor Office  Office Hours MeetingTime  IST323(M0001) ChristopherCroad  MachineryHall2 05  Tuesday2 :00  3:30  Wed: 2:15  5:0 5 PM Term Phone  Email HomePage  Location Spring2012  443  ­3 989  [email protected]  Blackboard  Lecture:Hinds1 17  Labs:Hinds0 27  1. Course Description: Thiscoursei si ntendedtohelps tudentsgainfundamentala ndcomprehensiveunderstandingof informations ecurity.Wewillfocusonanoverviewofmajori nformations ecurityi ssues,technologies, anda pproaches.Studentswhos uccessfullycompletethiscou rsewillhavea concepta ndknowledgeof securityproperties,concerns,policies,models,cryptography,PKI,firewalls,s ecuritye valuation,a nd technologiesthroughl abs essions.Therea renoprerequisitecoursesfortakingthis course.  2. Course Objectives: 1. Toprovidea nunderstandingofprincipalconcepts,majori ssues,technologies,a ndbasic approachesi ni nformations ecurity.  2. s pecifictopic a rea. 3.  3. Course Learning Outcomes: Studentswhosuccessfullycompletethiscoursewillhavea comprehensiveoverviewofi nformation securitya swella s morei n ­depthunderstandingofa numberoffocusa reasthattheys electthroughout thecourse Atthee ndof thes emester,thes tudentswill:  Havethea bilitytohardens ervers a ndclients.  Recognizecommona ttackpatterns.  Evaluatevulnerabilityofa ni nformations ystema nde stablisha planforrisk management. Demonstratehowtodetecta ndreducethreatsi nWebs ecurity . Evaluatethea uthenticationa nde ncryptionneedsofa ni nformation system. ExplainthePublicKeyInfrastructureprocess  Demonstratehowtos ecurea wirelessnetwork    Page1 of7  IST ­3 23S pring2 01 2 Syllabus  V0.1  4. Required Course Material:  CompTIA Security+ ReviewGuide  2ndEdition Stewart,J amesMichael  WileyPublishing ISBN ­1 3: 978  ­1  ­1 18  ­0 6117  ­6  AvailableonKindlea swell.    5. Course Specific Policies Laptops and tablets: Laptopsa renottobeusedfornon  ­classuse.Theya retobecloseda tthe completionofattendance. CellPhones: Useofcellphones/smartphonesi sprohibitedi nclass.Deviceringersmustbe silenceda ndputa wayduringclass.  Attendance: Attendance i nthisclassi srequired,a ndwillbetakenbeforee veryclass.Ifyou arrivea ftera ttendancei staken,youwillbemarkeda bsent.Ifyouhave3 ormorea bsences, yourfinalgradewillbedroppedonelevel.Everyadditionala bsencewillresulti na n a dditional dropinyourgrade.Therearenoe xcuseda bsencesunle ssdocumentedbytheUniversity.  Participation: Youaree xpectedtoparticipatei ne veryclass.Ifyoufailtocontributetoclass discussion,usecomputersfornon  ­classworkduringclasstime,textwithyourmobiledevice, showuplateforclass,etc,yourfina lgradewillbei mpacted.  Blackboard:  Coursecontent,a nnoun cements,e xams,onlinequizzes ,a rticles,e tcwillbeposted toBlackboard.Changestothes yllabusorcourses chedulewillbea nnouncedviaBlackboard. Studentss houldcheckBlackboardona daily basis.Fa iluretocheckBlackboardi snota ne xcuse fornotbeingi nformed.  Readings andClass Materials:   All a ssignedreadingss houldbecompletedpriortotheclassday theya repostedfor.You shouldcometoclasspreparedforclassdiscussionsa ndtoa sk ques tions.  DueDates: Allduedatesforquizzes,l abs,e xamsa ndprojectswillbepostedonthes yllabus.All dateswillbefirm .Nomakesupswillbea llowedunlesstheya reprearrangeda nda pproved(i.e. athleticparticipation,officialholidayobservance, s ickness/emergencydocumentedbythe University) Q uizzes: Quizzeswillbeopenbook,timeda ssessmentsgivenviaBlackboardtobecompleted beforeattendanceonthedaynotedi nthecourses chedule.Quizzeswillbemadea vailablethe onThursdaynightbe foretheduedate.  Page2 of7  IST ­3 23S pring2 01 2 Syllabus  V0.1  Labs: Labdatesa repostedonthecourses chedule.L abswillbedonei nclassduringtheday theya res cheduled.StudentswillhaveuntilthefollowingSundaya t 11:59PM tocompletethe labsi ftheycouldnotbea ccomplishedduringcl ass. LateWork: L ateworkwillnotbe a ccepted.  Respectand Disruption:  opinionwithrespect.Therea recertaina ctionsthatc anbedisruptivenotonlyto yourown learninge xperiencebu duringclass,a rrivingl ate,cellphoneringing,textmessaging,readingmagazines,e tc.Your repeateddisruptionwillreduce yourfinalgrade. Contacting theInstructor : contacti nformationi sgivena tthetopofthis message.Ifyoue ­mailthe instructor,please startevery Subject linewithIST323!!!!  Failureto dosomayresulti ns lowerresponsetimes.  6. Class Format  Ingeneral,e achclasswillruna sfollows:  Meetinroom 117  Attendance Classl ogistics  ~10minutediscussionofInfoSecnewstopics  ClassL ecture ,discussion ,a nddemonstrations . Wewillhavea 5 minutebreak~ ½ waythroughclass  Additi onalL ectureormovetoroom0 27 forlabs.  II. University and School Polices 7. Academic Integrity TheacademiccommunityofSyracuseUniversitya ndoftheSchoolofInformationStudiesrequires thehighests tandardsofprofessionale thicsa ndpersonali ntegrityfroma llmembersofthecommunity. Violationsoftheses tandardsa reviolationsofa mutual obligationcharacterizedbytrust,honesty,a nd personalhonor.Asa community,wecommitourselvestos tandardsofa cademicconduct,i mpose sanctionsa gainstthosewhoviolatetheses tandards,a ndkeepa ppropriaterecordsofviolations.The academici ntegritys tatementcanbefounda t:http://supolicies.syr.edu/ethics/acad_integrity.htm.  8. Disabilities Incompliancewiths ection5 04oftheAmericanswithDisabilitiesAct(ADA),SyracuseUniversityi s disability,bee xcludedfromparticipationi n,bedeniedthebenefitsof,orbes ubjectedtodiscrimination a ccommodationsduetoa disability,yous houldi mmediatelyregisterwiththeOfficeofDisability Services(ODS) at8 04UniversityAvenue,Room3083 rdFloor,315.443.4498or3 15.443.1371(TTDonly). Page3 of7  IST ­3 23S pring2 01 2 Syllabus  V0.1  ODSistheSyracuseUniversityofficethata uthorizess peciala ccommodationsfors tudentswith disabilities.  9. Ownership of Student Work IncompliancewiththeFederalFamilyEducationalRightsa ndPrivacyAct,worksi na llmedia producedbystudentsa spartoftheircourseparticipationa tSyracuseUniversitymaybeus edfor educationalpurposes,providedthatthecourses yllabusmakesclearthats uchusemayoccur.Inthis course,e nrollmenta ndparticipationi nthecourseconstitutesyourpermissionforSyracuseUniversityto usethecreatedworka ndmaterial.  10. Religious Observations http://supolicies.syr.edu/emp_ben/religious_observance.htm,recognizesthediversityoffaiths representeda mongthecampuscommunitya ndprotectstherightsofs tudents,faculty,a nds taffto obs ervereligiousholydaysa ccordingtotheirtradition.Underthepolicy,s tudentsa reprovideda n opportunitytomakeupa nyexamination,s tudy,orworkrequirementsthatmaybemissedduetoa  religiousobservanceprovidedtheynotifytheiri nstructorsbe forethee ndofthes econdweekofclasses. Forfalla nds prings emesters,a nonlinenotificationprocessi sa vailablethroughMySlice/Student Services/Enrollment/MyReligiousObservancesfromthefirstdayofclassuntilthee ndofthes econd weekofclas s. III. Grading 11. Grading Details Thistableoutlineshowyouwillbee valuatedforthiscourse .Gradeswillbeposteda stheya re availablei nBlackboard.  Assessment Quizzes  Labs  ShortEssays  GroupProject  FinalPaper  Total   Percentof FinalGrade  20  15  15  25  25  100     12. Grading Expectations Thenumerictotalthatyouhavea massedduringthes emesterwilltranslatei ntoa l ettergrade accordingtothefollowingschedule: Min % 1.00 0 .94 0.91 0 .93 Page4 of7  Letter A A ­ IST ­3 23S pring2 01 2 Syllabus  V0.1  0.88  ­ 0 .90 0.84  ­0 .87 0.81  ­ 0 .83 0.78  ­ 0 .80 0.74  ­ 0 .77 0.71  ­ 0 .73 0.61  ­ 0 .70 0.00  ­ 0 .60 B+ B B ­ C+ C C  ­ D F  13. Course Work Defined  Quizzes Therewillbes hortquizzesmostweeksa ss howni nthecourses chedule .Eachquizwillcover itemsfromthereadinga ssignedforthatweek,butmaya lsocoverpreviousl ecturesa nd/orl abs. Becausethequizi sopen  ­bookands hort,i twillbetimed.Youwillbee xpectedtocompletethequizby thetimeclasss tartsonthedue date.Thenumberofquizzesa ctuallygivenduringthecoursemay fluctuate,butyouwillbegivennoticei fthingschange.  Labs  Therewillbea numberoflabsgivenduringthes emestera snotedi nthes chedule. Pleasenote theschedule issubject toc h ange! Theycane ncompassa nymaterialpreviouslycoveredi nclass,but beginningof theclasswhentheya rebeingworkedon,a ndwillbea vailableuntilt hefollowingSundaya t 11:59 PMwhent heya redue. Labss houldbeturnedi n viaBlackboard.  Short Essays  Throughout thes emester,youwillberequiredtoturni n3 s hort,thesiss tylepapers.Ine ach viewsorresultsofresearchonthetopica sa thesis.Its houldbenol essthan1 pagea ndnol ongerthan 2pages(singles paced).Its houldfollowatypical5  ­paragraphthesisformat:  Paragraph1 :Introduct iontoa rgument  Paragraph2  ­4 :Supportingstatements  Paragraph5 :conclusion.  Thepaperswillbeduenol aterthan1 1:59PMonthel astTuesdayofe achofthe3 Essayperiods a s shownonthecourses chedule ,butIe ncourageyoutodothemass oona syoua rea ble.The assignmentswillbe postedonBlackboard.Itshouldbeturnedinas an assignment viaBlackboard.   Group Project   Asmallgroupprojecta ndpresentationwillbeduea ttheMidTerm.De tailsforthisprojectwill bere le aseds hortly. Page5 of7  IST ­3 23S pring2 01 2 Syllabus  V0.1  Final Paper  Inl ieuofafinale xam,youwillberequiredtoturni na finalpaper. Detailsforthefinalpaper willbereleaseds hortly.  IV. Course Calendar Week  1 Date 1/18/2012 ClassSubject ClassIntroduction /S yllabus Review Introduction to Security  Points ofVulnerability  OverviewofThreats Security Infrastructure and Centralized Security Management.  Introduction to AAA  AAAContinued LAB:Password Storage Readings  Notes /WorkDue  2 1/25/2012 Stewart: 2.4,3.3  3 2/2/2012 Stewart 5.2,5.3 Identity Management, SSO,AAA  LAB:Centralized AAA  Attacks againstOS sandApplications LAB:OSS ecurity  Cryptography Overview LAB:Cryptography  Cryptography Implementation LAB:SSLEncryption Physical Vulnerabilities Group Presentations Spring Break! Network Security  LAB:Firewall/ IDS  Stewart 5.1 Quiz#1Due before class Group Project Worksheet Due Short Essay#1Due 4 2/9/2012 5 2/15/2012 6 2/22/2012 7 2/29/2012 8 3/7/2012 9 10 3/14/2012 3/21/2012 11 3/28/2012 Network Security (continued) LAB:???  12 4/4/2012 13 4/11/2012 14 4/18/2012 Wireless Security  LAB:Wireless Security  Security Implications ofDisaster Recovery, Security Incident Response Security Policies 15 4/25/2012 Security Administration Stewart 3.1,3.5, 4.1,4.2 Stewart 6.1,6.2 Stewart 6.3,6.4, 4.3 Stewart 2.6  Stewart 1.1,1.2, 1.3(DMZ, Subnetting, VLAN andNAT),1.5 Stewart 1.3 (remainder) 1.4, 1.5,3.2 Stewart 1.6,3.4 Stewart 2.3,2.5, 2.7 Stewart 2.1,2.2, 2.8,3.6 Stewart 3.7,3.8 Quiz#2Due before class Quiz#3Due before class Quiz#4Due before class Group Presentation Due  Quiz#5Due S hort Essay#2 Due Quiz#6Due Quiz#7Due Quiz#8Due Quiz#9Due Quiz#10Due S hort Essay#3 Due F inalPaper Due (5/2) Page6 of7  IST ­3 23S pring2 01 2 Syllabus  V0.1  This s chedule and any part of this syllabus are subject to change. Change will be announced in class and on Blackboard. Page7 of7  IST ­3 23S pring2 01 2 Syllabus  V0.1  ...
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