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Ear 105 2:21 - There is no single scientific...

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Earth Structure and Continental Drift - The earth is layered become of 1. density 2. stability ranges of different minerals and rocks - The earth is layered both chemically and mechanically. - From where were standing to the core. = 6, 500 sutin kilometers. (the distance from Syracuse to berline) Remone sensing - the speed and behavior of the different types of seismic waves depends upon the material - specifically the density 1. crust a. continental: granitic, 35 km thick (2.7 g/cc) b. oceanic: basaltic, 5 km, thick (3.0 g/cc) 2. mantle a. peridotite (3.4 g/cc) 2. core a. iron (10-13 g/cc) The moho - the boundary between the crust and mantle represents a signifigant change in density - the discontinutly….. Mechanical layers 1. lithosphere crust and upper mantle rigid/ brittle 2. asthenosphere mantle perioditite + minor melt plastic, like silly putty 3. mesosphere - mantle peridotite rigid 4. outer core - liquid iron 5. inner core
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solid iron Scientific methods of inquiry
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Unformatted text preview: There is no single scientific method-observation-questin-hypthesis-experiment-conclusion Scientific inquiry involved a wide range of research methods 1. experimentation- when variables can be isolated and manipulated 2. description- make detailed obsrvations of natural phenomena 3. comparison- measure variables in different populations 4. modeling - physical or mathematical models are built to mimic systems of interest. Scientific teminoloy Words can have very different meanings when applied to scientific or non- scientific situations Theory- a logical, testable, and predictive explanation for a natural phenomena that is inferred from multiple lines of evidence. 2. hypothesis- an inferred explanation of observations basked on scientific knowledge, but more exploratory than a theory. 3. Law- an expression of a mathematical or descriptive relationship that occurs in nature....
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