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ear 105 3:9 - 4 Oceanic crust gets more dense as it cools...

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Evan Price EAR 105 3/9 plate tectonics - Ice land is one of the few places where you can observe ocean spreading subaerially. Divergent Plate Boundries 1. Where new oceanic crust forms 2. Symmetric w.r.t. age, magnetic direction, and elevation. 3. Ridges are high because they are young and still relatively hot.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Oceanic crust gets more dense as it cools and gets older 5. Convergent Plate Boundaries 1. Where old oceanic crust is destroyed. 2. Can be any kind of crust 3. Density rules. 4. Deep earthquakes. 5. Volvanoes. 6. Trenches....
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