ear105 life on earth 4:11

ear105 life on earth 4:11 - versa-Bugs and other living...

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Evan Price EAR 105 Life on earth 4/11 - 3.8 billion year old fossils are the earliest fossils found - Fossil definition is very broad - Fossils are everything has been left behind - Fossiles are almost excusivly found in sendimentry rocks - All of stenos laws apply when studying fossils - Bones are vey robust and can last for many years - Things are not preserved in environments where there is a lot of life and vice
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Unformatted text preview: versa. -Bugs and other living things eat dead things.-In order to preserve material, you must burry it as quickly as possible-You can have body fossils, trace fossils, and chemical fossils-Where did life start? The truth is that since there aren’t any fossils from that point, it is hard to tell. -Early earth looks extremely different to present say earth. There wasn;t any oxygen-...
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