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The “Home Front” HST 102 3/24/11 1- Mobilizing Americans - What do American’s owe to their country 2- Why we Flight (1943) - Saying that germany itality and other countries abonded democracy and it is the United Stat’s job to preserve this. 3- Porpahanda - War was fought to protect freedom of speech, freedom of want, freedom of fear, and freedom of warship. 6- oppurtunities - African Americans should be loyal and support the war - People believe that adrican Americans should support jim crow - They are forced to serve in segregated force units
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Unformatted text preview: 8- oppurtunities and sacrifices-Americans start to enjoy prosperity-9- Financing the War-Taxes increase because of war-Befoe ww2, corporations payed for wars through their taxes-War makes tax paying an everyday feature of life-Raise even more money for war through war bonds-War bonds are payments in support of the war-American dificit increases 11- propaganda- people are influenced to not talk about ship deployments or war 14- Exception: witnesses- Children are required to solute the fag every morning before school....
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