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HST 102 2:8 - -Much entertainment was politics-Alchol was...

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HST 102 The age of good stealings 2 nd - charles guiteau, assassin - a member of the stallers - stallers- a section of the republican party - garfeild was a republican but not a staller. He was a………. . - turned himself in - found guilty of murder and executed. 3 rd American politics, 1877-1900 - highest percentage of voters in history - 5 th - sources of popular politics - No entertainment in the 1880s
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Unformatted text preview: -Much entertainment was politics. -Alchol was served very heavily-14 th Issue: railroads-A lot cheaper to ship stuff short distances then long distances.-Give discounts to large corporations who want to ship there stuff long distances -Jack up rates for small businesses .-Railroad interests tend to support the republican party...
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