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HST 102 2:17 - -rosavelt is very pro war-8 election of...

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Evan Price HST 102 progressivism goes to war 1- review - America on its way to disqinguish itself as a over seas empire - Much opposition to this - 2- The great war - historians and many people aren’t very interested in world war 1. - A war with no clear bad boy - 16 million people died - 3- the great war: Remote causes - many countries fighting for control of the east - germany on the rise of a global economic empire - 4- Remonte causes - different European nations are making treaties for self-defense - ex: if someone attacks germany, then Austria will come to their rescue - By 1914, most of Europe is locked into treaties. - 5- The great war: Immediate - 6- American Neutrality - import world power by 1914 - millions of german Americans - 500 german language news papers in the U.S saying that the U.S should stay out of germany. - U.S has a long historic alliance with the british - 7- the Lusitania - theadore rossevelt criticized president Wilson
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Unformatted text preview: -rosavelt is very pro war-8- election of 1916-Wilson kept the u.s out of the war-Wilson runs for president again-Wins presidency 9- 1917-Germans start sinking u.S ships because they see Wilsons weakness-Germans try to recruit mexico to side with them on the war-Germans say that they will help mexico get their lands back-Mexicans do not take this offer seriously-10- progressivism goes to war- 11- progressivism and war- 12- mobilization-consumtion of alchol is banned-13- Mobilizing the economy- 14- progressive war heroes- 15- other progressive goals-german brewaries are shut down-16 african Americans and the war- 17- fighting the war- 18- Fighting the war- 19- making peace-No more treaties made in secret-Wants freedom of the seas-European nations to give up their colonies-Grant people in the colonies self governments 20- making peace- 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29...
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HST 102 2:17 - -rosavelt is very pro war-8 election of...

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