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HST 102 3:1 - politician. 12- general...

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Evan Price 3/1/11 great depressions 1- The experts say - October 21 st 1929, stock market crash - Largest crash in U.S history. 2- causes of the great depression - goods are closed off to many foreign markets that cannot afford to by our products. 3- causes of the great depression - when stock markets crash, banks call in their loans which causes mor finacial issues. 5- the great crash - JP morgan props the market up by walking down wall street and buying stocks - People try to sell their stocks before the market crashes - 7- Herbert Hoover;s Ordeal - Wrote a book on mining - Said that the depression was a depression and not a panic - 10- Hoover: Feeling your pain? - Although a good engineer, Hoover is not a good
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Unformatted text preview: politician. 12- general considerations-everything during the depression is empty.-Empty stores-Absense of activity-Absence of commerce-Docuentary films, photography and stats to explain the great depression to the American people-Divorce rate declines-People delay getting married-17- oikie migration-over a million economic refugees move to CA and other states-19- other migrants-hobos are teenagers who are unable to find work.-These hobos basically ride the rail roads looking for work around the country. 20- African-americans-African- Americans in rural areas 21- scottsboaugh men-accused of raping white women-sentenced to death...
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HST 102 3:1 - politician. 12- general...

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