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hst 102 3:3 - - Government pays sharecroppers to not work...

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Evan Price HST 102 New Deals 1- FDR and the New Deal - presidency is becoming more and more important - 2- The new deal - only thng that gets the U.S out of the depression is world war 2. - 3- firt 100 days - presidents weren’t inaugurated until march - FDR shuts down all banks for week - If you have your money in the bank, its insured - 4- bank failires - restores stability In banks very fast. 5- 100 days - government steps in to employ a lot of people - 6- 100 days - people don’t come to collect the money - 7- agriculture - farmers are to good at what they do. - They produce to much - Henry Wallace pays farmers not to farm - 8- does the AAA work? - 9- AAA problems
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Unformatted text preview: - Government pays sharecroppers to not work 10- industry-NRA trys to limit production-Competition is the problem-Driving prices down-Leads to fair competition-11- NRA in action- 12- other programs- 13- 14- The first new deal ends- 15- voices of protest- 16- father charles Coughlin- 17- francis townsend- 18- huey long- 19- second deal- 20- revenue act-only one person in the untied states makes over 5 million dollars-21- social security act, august 1935- 22- repairing AAA and NRA- 23- union membership- 24- election of 1938- 25- packing the court- 26- Roosevelt- 27- unemployment- 28 29...
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hst 102 3:3 - - Government pays sharecroppers to not work...

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