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HST 102 4:5 - -The baby boom contributes to the...

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HST 102 The affluent society 4/5/11 1- Ironies of Anti-Communism - 2- ironies illustrated - what an average American home looks like - 3- post-war America - Americans believe that they can do anything - They believe that our progress is unreversable - Republicans and democrats agree on the same policies. - 4- military-industrial complex - 5- prosperity - majority of Americans become home owners - 6- sources of prosperity - Americans built larger and bigger factries - Government provided very generous loans to Americans so that they can build homes - Economy booming - 7- source prosperity - united states had the best school system in the world - 15 million soldiers return from war - these soldiers were able to get loans from the government to buy a home or start a bussinuess. - They could also use the loans to go to college - 8- sources of prosperity - Americans have a lot of savings - Americans have a 140 billion dollars in savings - Americans used thee saving to buy houses, cars, and other expensive products.
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Unformatted text preview: -The baby boom contributes to the economy.-Children are very demanding 9- baby boom, 1940-1960-largest increase in American population in American history-10- explaining the baby boom-the median marriage age is at an all time low in the 1950s-people are having more children-have more children because they are confident about the future-20-30% of women engage in pre-marital sex-11- grand expectations-many child illnesses are wiped out-12- suburbanization-from 1945-1955…15m housing unites built-13- suburban developments-when people move out to the suburbs, so do their companies-many more roads are built because of the high production of cars-14- suburban America- 15- suburbs and cars- 16- car culture - 17- suburbs, cars,. .tv-TV industry grew rapidly-First half of 20 th century, we spent more money on anyone else on education.-2 nd half, we spent more than anyone on TV 18- limits- 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29...
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HST 102 4:5 - -The baby boom contributes to the...

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