HST 102 4:28

HST 102 4:28 - 9 the cold war ends 10 operation desert...

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HST 102 4/28/11 A New Global Age 1- private martin treptow - 2 2- losing tbe language of sacrifice - 3- declining social capital - from 1970s-1990s, there is a study decrease in people socializing due to the increase in television and time consumtion - 4- Ronald Reagan, cold warrior - 5- Reagan Doctrie - Many people believe that we cant fight wars against other countries in middle eastern countries such as afganistan and korea. - Operatiom urgent fury 6- Reagan & gorbachev - INF treaty- installs verified reductions in short range missles.
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Unformatted text preview: 9- the cold war ends- 10- operation desert storm 1991-suddam Hussein president of Iraq invades Kuwaiit-he threats Saudi Arabia-Bush builds international coalition 11- election of 1992-even though bush did really well for foreign affairs, he did not do very domestically-Clinton is elected 12- government in an age of limits- 13- multicultural America-over 13 million immigrate from 1970-1996-14- the new immigration- 15- 16 17 18 19 20 21 22...
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HST 102 4:28 - 9 the cold war ends 10 operation desert...

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