ist 335 chapt 7

ist 335 chapt 7 - • Accident proneness • Appetite...

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1 stress and well-being IST- 335 October 13, 2011 S TRESS J OB S TRESS S TRESS T YPES Acute t Short-term t Reaction to an immediate threat Chronic t Long-term t Reaction to an ongoing situation
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2 S TRESS … G OOD OR B AD ? Eustress t Positive stress t Energizing t Motivating t Improves performance Dystress t Negative stress t Physiological problems t Psychological problems T WO M ODELS OF W ORKPLACE S TRESS Demand-Control t Workplace demands faced t Control exerted in meeting demands Effort-Reward Imbalance t Effort required t Rewards received as a result of effort D EMAND -C ONTROL M ODEL Passive Active (EUSTRESS) High Strain (DYSTRESS) Low Strain Job Demands Job Control High Low High Low S TRESSORS t Role Conflict t Role Ambiguity t Work Overload t Occupation t Resource Inadequacy t Working conditions t Management Style t Monitoring t Job Insecurity t Incivility
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3 Individual Influences on Stress Personality Self- esteem Hardiness Gender Psychological Anxiety Depression Low self-esteem Sleeplessness Frustration Family problems Burnout Behavioral Excessive smoking Substance abuse
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Unformatted text preview: • Accident proneness • Appetite disorders • Violence Physiological • High blood pressure • Muscle tension • Headaches • Ulcers, skin diseases • Impaired immune systems • Musculoskeletal disorders • Heart disease • Cancer I NDIVIDUAL C ONSEQUENCES OF S TRESS O RGANIZATIONAL S TRESS M ANAGEMENT • Increase individuals’ autonomy and control • Ensure individuals are compensated properly • Maintain job demands/requirements at healthy levels • Ensure associates have adequate skills to keep up-to-date with technical changes in the workplace O RGANIZATIONAL S TRESS M ANAGEMENT • Increase associate involvement in important decision making • Improve physical working conditions • Provide job security and career development • Provide healthy work schedules • Improve communication to avoid uncertainty and ambiguity...
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ist 335 chapt 7 - • Accident proneness • Appetite...

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