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Chapter 13 Review Questions Questions: 1. Money functions as: A) a store of value. B) a unit of account. C) a medium of exchange. D) all of the above. 2. If you write a check on a bank to purchase a used Honda Civic, you are using money primarily as: A) a medium of exchange. B) a store of value. C) a unit of account. D) an economic investment. 3. The largest component of the money supply ( M 1) is: A) gold certificates. B) checkable deposits. C) currency in circulation. D) travelers’ checks. 4. In the United States, the money supply ( M 1) is comprised of: A) coins, paper currency, and checkable deposits. B) currency, checkable deposits, and Series E bonds. C) coins, paper currency, checkable deposits, and credit balances with brokers. D) paper currency, coins, gold certificates, and time deposits. 5. Money market deposit accounts are included in: A) M 1 only. B) both M 1 and M 2. C) both M 2 and M3 . D)
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