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Unformatted text preview: THEMES IN TRIBAL RELIGIONS THEME DESCRIPTION EXAMPLE(S) Sacred holy, more special than regular all tribal societies aspects of reality Profane aspects of life that are not sacred all tribal societies Animism people, animals, and things have souls most tribal societies spiritual forces manipulated in most tribal societies private rituals Exorcism casting out evil spirits most tribal societies Rites of passage rituals that occur during life stage Aborigines, Native Americans, transitions (such as puberty) Africans, Melanesians, Polynesians Sacrifice giving something of value back to the spirits Ainu (bear) Shamans religious functionary who deals with spirits, Aborigines, Native Americans, Inuit exorcises, heals using herbs and massa e to treat most tribal societies g physical illness Healing Divination predicting the future Africans, Indians, Celts Totemism animal symbols of ancestors Aborigines, Native Americans, Polynesians High god creator father god who is now inactive Aborigines, Native Americans, Africans Ancestors worship or reverence for departed family Aborigines, Africans, Melanesians Tricksters clever figures in myths Native Americans, Japanese, Africans, Celts, Teutons Megaliths stone ritual centers I Celts, Teutons FEATURES OF SPECIFIC TRIBAL TRADITIONS PEOPLE LOCATION LEADER DOCTRINES RITUALS & M Y T H s n e n Aborigines Australia shaman high god, animism, puberty Dreamtime, totemism ‘L “l Melanesians western Pacific Dreamtime, puberty, cargo Hainuwele, ancestors Polynesians southeastern Pacific taboo, animism, puberty totemism, creation —I —\ Ainu northern Japan shaman animism bear sacrifice, divination —J> T—l Inuit Arctic shaman afterlife, animism, creation _| Native Americans North America shaman high god, tricksters, puberty, peyotism, totemism, creation ghost dance —L +— Africans Africa witch doctor, high god, animism, divination, diviner, tricksters, ancestors, puberty herbalist ghosts —» — Teutons northern Europe tricksters, apocalyptic megaliths hell and valhalla, pantheon, fairies fi Celts western Europe priests tricksters, fairies megaliths, sacrifice, calendars DIMENSION Economy built on T , TRIBAL PEOPLES gathering, hunting, herding EARLY CIVILIZATIONS herding, agriculture, pottery, metals Durhheimian solidarity mechanical organic Contact with others raiding trade, conquest Religious leader shaman priest T g Group symbol totem patriarch Ideas preserved by oral tradition writing Control behavior with taboos law codes Deities primal monotheism polytheism animism pantheons polytheism henotheism monolatry monotheism Festivals rites of passage calendrical Sacrifice l animal animal, grain, human Creation myths describe Afterlife specific origins instability contact with ancestors 5—— __l,_ 4— reward for deeds Sacred sites natural hierophanies taboo locations pyramids temples Syncretism ‘ Secular society after contact with others no _—'I megaliths Divination yes ‘1: yes Exorcism yes rare Mythical figures tricksters l conquering heros Puberty rites yes rare l after contact with others 1'10 ...
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