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Chapter3tables - MARGAS(PATHS meditation experience samadhi...

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Unformatted text preview: MARGAS (PATHS) meditation experience samadhi, unite with Brahman study scripture, understand the doctrine Bbakti do caste duties; detach action from its rewards devote oneself theistically to a personal god or goddess IDEALIZED HINDU STAGES OF (MALE) LIFE First student study of scripture, meditation with a guru Second householder marriage, caste—defined career, children Third retired retirement, disengagement from material concerns Fourth mendicant renunciation of the material world, live as , _« wandering beggar, devoted to meditation COMPARISON OF SECTS FROM INDIA DIMENSION UPANISHADS JAIN 1 BchAVAD GITA TANTRISM Date 800—400 B.C.E. 500 B.C.E. 400 B.C.E.—2oo C.E. IOOO C.E.? Persons Mahavira Arjuna (fictional) Mysticism yes yes tolerated using sexual symbolism Asceticism yes yes, extremely tolerated rejected Caste tolerated rejected at first advocated ignored Karma accepted accepted accepted ignored Transmigration accepted accepted accepted ignored Reality monistic dualistic duty of caste symbolic Deity Brahman atheistic theistic paramour ...
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