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4 - Donald Cooper Writing Response 4 Sarah Apollo embodies...

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Donald Cooper Writing Response 4 Sarah Apollo embodies the Hellenic (Ancient Greek) spirit because he was a great man of many talents. He was beautiful, strong (first winner of the Olympics), kind, and intelligent. This relates to the Greek spirit because Greece had a powerful empire controlled a lot of the world back then. Apollo was intelligent and also preached law and order, which was very big in the gigantic civilization Greece controlled. Eventually Greece moved away from very strong religious belief and made a sculpture of Apollo in a more human like form. Some people think that is the reason why the Greek civilization fell apart. The Buddha was depicted in human form roughly seven centuries after his death. Some of the symbols on his body are elongated earlobes (royal birth), halo (his emission of light), wheels on his feet emphasize the movement of his doctrine, and his right hand pointed downward shows he is calling Earth to be a witness. Christ depicted as the Byzantine Emperor takes over Jerusalem like a monarch.
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