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Donald Cooper March 23, 2010 10 th week reading response For class we had to read the chapter Art and Freedom in Quattrocentro Florence from the book Viewpoints . Here is a short summary of this chapter. The chapter deals with the transition of Florence, Italy from a Gothic civilization to a Renaissance civilization. At the beginning of Florence religion played a huge role in the lives of everybody. The artwork created was used to represent God and symbolic religious figures. However, Donatello might have possibly sparked the Renaissance movement with his statue, the St. Mark. The history of Florence includes a lot of war and conflict with other very strong powers during that time. It was almost taken over by a lot of different powers (Roman and Milanese Empire). However, the Florentines were never taken over and seemed to always get out of conflict luckily. One example is earthquakes hitting Rome; another is the leader getting very sick and dying causing the empire to fall apart. Because of that the Florentines had this attitude that they could not be taken over
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