Articlesummary - Donald Cooper Article Summary Creative Problems in The Art Gallery Martin Puryear is an artist who creates sculptures out of wood

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Donald Cooper Article Summary April 14, 2010 “Creative Problems in The Art Gallery” Martin Puryear is an artist who creates sculptures out of wood, stone, tar, wire and other materials. Puryear’s sculptures are very abstract and have a sense of strength and elegance with the construction of the wood and wires. There’s also a lot of movement with the lines and shapes in his pieces even though they lack color. For a lot of Puryear’s artwork there is a deeper meaning through various symbols. A lot of Puryear’s artwork is stationed on the sixth floor mall of the Museum of Modern Art. The article discusses the problems that the mall creates for Puryear’s gallery. One problem is that the items being sold on the wall of the museum take away from the pieces by giving the gallery a sense that there is a price on some of Puryear’s beautiful pieces. Another problem with the area where Puryear’s pieces are located is that the room is very plain and boring not really bringing out the true strengths of Puryear’s artwork.
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