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1 Donald Cooper Max 123 Professor John Mercer (1,153) “The Cost of Immigration in America” America is seen as the land of opportunity where diverse people exist and are allowed to come in search of a better life. The first immigrants to America came from Britain. These Americans set up predominately Protestant, Anglo Saxon communities. In these close knit communities these immigrants also set up the American principles of hard work, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Today these same American principles exist and attract millions of people. As of recent, the foreign born population is a little over 12% and increasing making immigration a very important topic in America. When immigrants come to America they not only bring their labor they bring there entire culture as well, thus making effective immigration reform improbable. Never before has the United States received so many immigrants from different nations. “According to recent estimates, 11.5 to 12 million unauthorized immigrants are in the United States - nearly one-third of the country's foreign-born population”(Abraham and Hamilton). A lot of people have different views on how immigration affects America economically and culturally. As a result of so many mixed views on immigration, it is hard to come up with an effective immigration reform policy. Some Americans argue that immigration negatively affects our economy. Some negative aspects of immigration on the economy are that it lowers wages and takes away jobs from American citizens. “Figures compiled by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics indicate wages in concrete work fell 16.5% in 2005 to $508 a week from $604, adjusted
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2 for inflation, despite a soaring demand for workers”(Millman, p. 441). With a bigger pool of workers to choose from, workers’ wages will be reduced because employers can
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4th paper - 1 Donald Cooper Max 123 Professor John Mercer...

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