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1 Donald Cooper Max 123 Professor John Mercer (1,800) “Immigration the Downfall to Public Judgment” Historically, America has always been faced with problems that have significantly hindered our ability to move forward both culturally and economically. In the past we have battled against slavery, depression, inequality, and the like. Today we are facing three huge problems that tend to undermine our democratic principles. These three issues are immigration, education, and health care. Throughout time Americans have bonded together and used public judgment along with democratic processes to put an end to these problems. For America to move forward we must recognize and fix our biggest problem, which is immigration. Solving our immigration problems will be challenging because they differ a lot from health care and education. However, with a strong sense of public judgment it is possible for America as a nation to solve this great problem. Public judgment is a special form of public opinion that requires more thoughtfulness and also more of an emphasis on the ethical rather than the factual side. A strong democratic political culture with public judgment is crucial for a legitimate, smooth functioning, and sustainable democracy. The three main reasons why it has been hard for a majority of Americans to reach public judgment on immigration are: no other country faces this problem in such significant numbers, in the past immigration issues haven’t been mainstream, and a lot of Americans view immigrants as foreign people who aren’t really American.
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2 Immigration is not just a minor problem in America; it is the fueling force of a political crisis. As of recent, the foreign born population is a little over 12% and increasing. “According to recent estimates, 11.5 to 12 million unauthorized immigrants are in the United States- nearly one-third of the country’s foreign-born population”(Abraham and Hamilton). With so many undocumented immigrants it is hard for the majority of American citizens to agree on an effective immigration policy that removes illegal immigrants and allows more immigrants to come to America legally. Most American citizens do not understand our immigration problem because it does not affect them personally and has not been publicized mainstream. Since they are uneducated on the topic they base their decisions about immigration on prejudice, fear, and private interests, and not necessarily on the public good. In consequence a lot of unjust and corrupt laws are created that do not solve our immigration problem the best way possible. The most recent example of this is the Arizona immigration law, which I will discuss later in my essay. To solve our immigration problems we first need to start by talking about immigration in public forums and calling for some public action.
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