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Donald Cooper Professor Mercer Word Count: 1,193 “Helping The Uninsured in America” The United States is the world’s strongest country yet we rank very low compared to other nations in providing health care to the uninsured. For the United States health care system to be a morally just and equal we need to extend health care coverage to all Americans. “The welfare and security of our nation demand that the opportunity for good health be made available to all regardless of residence, race or economic status” (Truman, p. 252). I support the provision mandating Americans to obtain health care because it extends health care to a lot more people making it more affordable and efficient. Even though some people feel that health care should be a personal choice, the way our system is now run too many people cannot afford health care whether they want it or not. This mandate attempts to obtain healthcare for all Americans and that is the reason why it should be implemented. The large number of uninsured Americans has gained increased importance over decades. “As of 2007, more than 75 million adults—42 percent of all adults ages 19 to 64—were either uninsured during the year or underinsured, up from 35 percent in 2003” (Commonwealth Fund, p. 254). The large number of people uninsured in America is clearly unacceptable. The United States government has a moral obligation to provide health care for all American citizens. Most industrialized countries provide health care for their whole population, except America. “Canada, France, Great Britain, and Germany all cover their entire populations, and they do so for far less money than we spend”(Klein, p. 400). It is possible for all Americans to have health care by mandating
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all Americans to obtain health care. I support this mandate because even though it forces
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MAX123essay3 - Donald Cooper Professor Mercer Word Count:...

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