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Donald Cooper Blog Post January 25, 2010 1. I would say that there are no chairs in this photograph only the idea of chairs. I think that there are no actual chairs only the idea of chairs. The reason why is because in the reading both Socrates and Glaucon agree that there is a higher power (God) that creates all living things. Socrates argument was that since a carpenter makes a chair it would not be considered an actual chair because God didn’t create it. The chair would be considered another type of imitation of a chair since the carpenter created it. In a way all three of the imitations could be considered ideas of chairs because they are all different types of imitations of chairs. A painter created the chair in the painting, people created the definition of a chair, and a carpenter created the wooden chair. However, all three of these examples represent the different way we can perceive a chair. So in an essence I would say there is no one real chair just the idea of a chair.
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