Heavenly Blue

Heavenly Blue - beautiful smile around it and brightens the...

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Heavenly Blue By Donald Cooper   The reason for this artwork is to bring happiness  and fun in the hearts of anybody who passes by and looks  at it.  If somebody is going through a rough day and feels  cold I want them to see my piece and feel a little warmer  inside. The way I made this piece is by scanning in a  rough draft picture I drew.  I then edited the colored  rough draft in Photoshop and added in a couple of extra  details.  I then layered my finished mural image on top of  the wall of the store where it might be located.  My mural  represents happiness and fun because the sun has a 
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Unformatted text preview: beautiful smile around it and brightens the surrounding with bright yellow rays. Below the sun is a beautiful wonderland where the many penguins play games and have a good time. The penguins symbolize the fun that is possible in a winter like environment. The penguins are engaging in snowball fights, building snowmen, body surfing, and sledding. The overall theme and message of my piece is that there can be happiness in a harsh environment and do not let the winter spoil your fun because soon the spring will be coming....
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