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1 Donald Cooper Sarah Art and Politics April 20, 2010 Democracy and Buildings: Esther Baker Steele Hall compared to The Prudential Building Throughout time buildings have symbolized many different ideas and concepts. The Egyptian pyramids were built as luxurious tombs for pharaohs while The Statue of Liberty was built to represent the friendship between France and the United States. Different buildings hold different meanings, which is shown in both The Prudential Building and Esther Baker Steele Hall. Both architects, E.H. Gaggin and Louis Sullivan, developed democratic principles in their buildings. The Esther Baker Steele Hall was first built to house the Physics department, but now houses many of Syracuse University’s administrative units. The Prudential Building was first created to be an office building symbolizing the power and influence of the great businessman Mr. Taylor. However, after he passed away, it was created to represent the achievements and principles of Louis Sullivan. Even though the original intent of the two buildings changed, both buildings represent beauty and strength empowering their surrounding environment. Steele Hall and The Prudential Building have a lot of differences, however the similarities and overall theme of these two beautiful buildings are what tie them together perfectly and make them perfect for discussion. Furthermore, we can learn a lot from the information discussed in my paper. One element that I discuss is the democratic ideas seen in both buildings. Both buildings affect their surrounding communities in different ways and play a huge role in the lives of
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2 the people around them. Another thing that people can learn from this information is a really good background history of both buildings. Two distinct architects made both buildings in the same time period for different purposes. Finally, the last things that can be taken from my essay are similarities and differences between both buildings. These buildings differ in many ways including size, color, and area. In brief my essay discusses the democratic themes, similarities and differences, and the history of The Prudential Building and Esther Baker Steele Hall. Here is a little background information on Esther Baker Steele Hall. Esther Baker Steele Hall is one of the main administrative buildings at Syracuse University. Architect E.H. Gaggin originally built Steele Hall to hold the Physics department. Dickinson and Van Wagner were some of the original builders who helped construct this amazing building. Steele Hall was built in Syracuse, New York in 1898. The style of Steele Hall is modified renaissance of a severe nature. The material used to create this beautiful building is rock faced Onondaga limestone. The shape of Steele Hall is a rectangular prism with a pentagon like top. The color of the roof of the building stands out more than the base because it is a bright, vibrant red. Since it was supposed to be a building where classes are held the base color should be a more relaxed, mellow color, which is why the
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finalartpaper2 - 1 Donald Cooper Sarah Art and Politics...

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