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Spring 2020 MGMT 5140 Kidwell INET 1 MGMT 5140 Organizational Behavior & Analysis Spring 2020 Course Syllabus Instructor Contact Info Virginie Kidwell, PhD ( [email protected] ) Office: BLB 325.A Office hours: In person Friday 1-2pm Virtually Wed. 11am-1pm And by appointment Section 001/026/080/086 : Is an Online Course running from 03/16/20 to 05/08/20 Prerequisites : None. Course Description: This course examines the behavior of people in organizations, including individuals, as well as teams. Understanding the behavior of humans in organizations is essential in establishing and improving organizational efficiency and effectiveness. This course aims to provide students with a better understanding of themselves, as well as others in their organization. It also seeks to provide you with an opportunity to expand the way that you think about and analyze behaviors of others and yourself in organizations with the goal of becoming a more effective employee, manager, and contributing member of an organization. Please note that this is not a self-paced, correspondence course. Like any other course, there are specific requirements, activities and deliverables that must be completed and submitted at specific times throughout the semester. Required Course Materials: Organizational Behavior, 6th ed. by Colquitt, LePine & Wesson, McGrawHill ISBN-13: 978-259927669 ISBN-10: 1259927660 (No CONNECT required for this course; See picture of cover on the last page 8*). Each week additional articles, cases, videos, etc. are assigned via Canvas in the associated content folder. Further, relevant resources for your research project can be found via the UNT libraries or online. The course website is located on Canvas. Announcements / Communication: The Announcements section provides official d announcements by the instructor. Since Announcements is an "official site" within Canvas and part of the course, you are responsible for knowing the information there. As always, the instructor accepts and replies to regular (off-Canvas) e-mail ( [email protected] ) on any course-related matter. I typically respond to all emails within 24 hours. Emails to the class will be sent through Canvas. The default email address in the notification system is your UNT account. Please change your email address to ensure that you receive all class communications.
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