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Donald Cooper Food inc. notes March 2, 2011 The reality of meat is that it is coming from huge assembly lines where animals and workers are abused. McDonald brothers brought the factory style of producing meals to fast food. (Pathos) Workers were trained to do one things, which allowed them to be paid low wages and easily interchanged. Chickens are kept in the dark for the majority of their lives. These chicken farms use to be worked by African Americans, but now Latino’s who are mostly undocumented workers runs them. (Pathos) The debt that these farmers have from running these farms for these big companies is used to keep
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Unformatted text preview: farmers under control. These farmers make about $18,000 a year and have debts as high as $500,000. (Logos) Food poisoning is also another big problem. A boy named Kevin died from E. Coli poisoning. The problem with the industry is that it doesn’t go back and fix the problem; instead it comes up with high tech ways to make sure the system survives. With a lot of the owners of big food companies influencing USDA it is not a surprise that more isn’t done to protect us from the food we eat in America. (Pathos)...
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