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Donald Cooper CFS 388 36386 7949 November 3, 2010 The Biology of Sexual Desire What makes us sexually desire a person? Is it their eyes, the way they talk, body proportion, etc… Can it even be explained the reason why we love someone? There are various factors that explain why both men and women are sexually attracted to the opposite sex. Is it genetics that makes us desire sex more? The reason why I chose the subject “sexual desire” is because I am very interested in the reason people decide they love a person. Sexual desire is the reason why we exist and continue as a species. I personally also think that is interesting knowing why people like each other. As a male I love knowing why girls are sexually attracted to a man. The biology of Sexual desire is a very diverse and broad subject with a lot of different opinions and facts. With such a big topic it is impossible to learn everything. Through researching this topic three questions that I want to have answered are whether or not males and females are sexually attracted to the opposite sex because of the same factors? I also want to know whether or not sexual desire has changed over time based on changes in society? One last thing I want to learn is what major factors make a person sexually desired? In my paper I am going to describe the different factors that influence males and females, and my views and opinion on the subject.
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To first start off my paper I want to define what sexual desire is. Sexual desire is “desire intended to satisfy one’s personal desire (in some cases, without taking any or much account of the partner’s desires)”(Ben- Zeevp.1). From the information I collected I found that men have a very high sex drive. Men are turned on to things that are visually appealing to them. When they see images that are not visually appealing to them their genitals do not react. A study showed women became sexually aroused physically to most sexual images, even if they weren’t psychologically aroused. Men think about sex more often than women do. “The majority of adult men under 60 think about sex at least once a day,” reports Laumann. As both men and women age they lose their sexual desire. Throughout all of history prostitution has always been a trend of men seeking sexual relations with women. When it comes to women’s sexual desires, women are a lot more complicated. “Women’s tastes varied widely in many of the finer details of seduction and setting. “Some women say they find the male body odor attractive, others repulsive,” Dr. Sanders said.”(Angier, p.3). Some women are turned on by the idea of having sex in an unusual or unconcealed place where they may be caught in the act, while others have a hard time getting aroused if they think others may hear them, or the kids will walk in.” Because women have less directed sex drives they are more open to same sex relationships. A lot more women are willing to call themselves bisexual compared to men and more lesbians
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human sex paper - Donald Cooper CFS 388 36386 7949 November...

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