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phi 175 essay 1 - Donald Cooper To find meaning in life is...

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Donald Cooper To find meaning in life is one of the hardest things to do. Some people go throughout all of life without truly understanding it and not achieving happiness. Thrasymachus and Socrates argue about the importance of justice compared to injustice in life. Thrasymachus argues that an unjust life is more meaningful than a just one, while Socrates argues the other side. Living a just life is more fulfilling because true happiness comes from within and not from material gaining. However, Thrasymachus and Socrates both make really good points on their views on justice that I will describe in detail. Thrasymachus believes that it is better to live an unjust life rather than a just life because the unjust life has more advantages. He says, “justice is simply the advantage of the stronger”(Cahn, pg. 39). What he means by this is that people who have all of the power make all of the rules in their self-interest. Because they make all of the rules and power is on their side, he reasons they must also have justice on their side because they can chastise anyone who breaks their laws. So justice is on the side of the stronger because they make the rules. Because rulers have self-interest they always do what’s best for them. Ordinary people have to live a just life because they are at the mercy of the law. Thrasymachus later states “justice is the advantage of the stronger; injustice, a thing profitable and advantageous to oneself”(Cahn, pg. 44). I think this quote perfectly summarizes Thrasymachus’ viewpoints. The first part as explained above means people in power make the
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phi 175 essay 1 - Donald Cooper To find meaning in life is...

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