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Donald Cooper Essay #2 Philosophy 107 In the article “Suffering, Evidence, and Analogy, Noseum Arguments vs. Skeptical Gambits, philosophers Stephen Wykstra and William Rowe debate the existence of God. Both philosophers, Stephen Wykstra (arguing for the existence of God) and William Rowe (arguing against the existence of God) make solid points for their arguments. The main point that Wykstra is making is that there are solid arguments for and against the existence of God. Both philosophers examine different ideas and concepts that make you question the idea of God. One of the more stronger, concrete arguments that defends Rowe’s statement that God doesn’t exist is if God existed why would he allow intense pain and suffering where no good comes from it. He then goes on to question us as to whether or not we think God is there when a deer is burned in a fire and has to wait their in agony for days before it finally dies. Also he states that why are there so many horrendous incidents where people
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