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e1.f09 - ECE 190 Exam I Fall 2009 Wednesday September 30th...

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ECE 190 Exam I Fall 2009 Wednesday, September 30 th , 2009 Be sure your exam booklet has 9 pages. Write your name at the top of each page. This is a closed book exam. You may not use a calculator. You are allowed one handwritten 8.5 x 11” sheet of notes. Absolutely no interaction between students is allowed. Show all of your work. Be sure to clearly indicate any assumptions that you make. Don’t panic, and good luck! Problem 1 10 points _______________________________ Problem 2 15 points _______________________________ Problem 3 15 points _______________________________ Problem 4 15 points _______________________________ Problem 5 25 points _______________________________ Problem 6 20 points _______________________________ Total 100 points _______________________________ Name: Friday Section Time:
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Page 2 Name: ____________________________________________ Problem 1 (10 points): Binary Representation Part A (5 points): What is the minimum number of bits needed to represent decimal 64 in binary using 2’s complement representation? Part B (5 points): Given two 6-bit inputs A, and B, where A = x30 and B = x12. If C is a 6-bit output from an adder, where C = A + B, answer the following questions: Assuming that A, B, and C are treated as unsigned numbers, is C a valid result? If not, in ten (10) words or less explain why not. If yes, write the value of C in decimal.
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