e1.s09 - ECE190 Exam 1 Spring 2009 Tuesday 17 February Name...

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ECE190 Exam 1, Spring 2009 Tuesday 17 February Be sure that your exam booklet has 10 pages. The exam is meant to be taken apart! Write your name on top of each page. This is a closed book exam. You may not use a calculator. You are allowed one 8.5” x 11” sheet of handwritten notes. Absolutely no interaction between students is allowed. Challenging problems are marked with ***. Show all of your work. Don’t panic, and good luck! Problem 1 14 points ______________________ Problem 2 14 points ______________________ Problem 3 14 points ______________________ Problem 4 20 points ______________________ Problem 5 18 points ______________________ Problem 6 20 points ______________________ Total 100 points ______________________ Name:
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____________________________________________ 2 Problem 1 (14 points): Short Answers Please answer concisely. If you find yourself writing more than a few words or a simple drawing, your answer is probably wrong. Part A (2 points): Convert the decimal number 41 to hexadecimal Part B (2 points): What is the value of the hexadecimal number x30 in decimal? Part C (3 points): In 10 words or less, explain what the following instruction does. 0000 1111 1111 1111 *** Part D (7 points): In what case would a 32-bit 2’s complement integer comparator correctly compare two floating point numbers in IEEE floating point format? When would it not? You may ignore the case when the exponent is 11111111 or 00000000. Note: an integer comparator takes two integers and determines which one is greater. IEEE floating point:
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e1.s09 - ECE190 Exam 1 Spring 2009 Tuesday 17 February Name...

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