Appendix A - AppliedResearchTechniques

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Applied Research Techniques Theoretical Research : generate theory, explores new interests and focuses on universal  knowledge Applied research : (market research) practical problems faced by an organization and  guides effective resolution of those problems  Research Process 1. Defining the research problem 2. Designing a way to obtain information 3. Gathering the information 4. Analyzing your findings and applying them Quantitative Experimental, hard data, statistical, random selection, distance from subject,  deductive Techniques o Surveys, experiments, structured interviewing, quasi-experiments, content  analysis Qualitative Without statistics, naturalistic, descriptive Types o Legal, historical, focus groups, in depth interviewing  Ethics IRB- Institutional Review Board o Independent ethics committee or Ethical Review Board Guidelines for ethically dealing with people: 1. Respect their dignity
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Appendix A - AppliedResearchTechniques

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