Brochures - Sizeit could physically get lost, or the...

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Brochures Who are you? Printed leaflet or pamphlet, booklet or web posted Types: Two folded Four/Eight panel Booklet Detail to keep in mind You pick up the bill – how much is it going to cost  Black and white Attraction v. Information  Enhance uniqueness of organization’s message Coordinating message/layout Select typeface, visuals, layout Determined by goal/interest One clear message o Product o Inform  Are you selling or telling? Can educate or persuade Sell item or service Use emotion Personal benefit Convey info/fact oriented Authoritative Persuaded that info is important  Things to consider: Eye catching Shelf life Used for… target audience Quick, concise, creative Small budgets Made quickly  Brochure Negatives
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Unformatted text preview: Sizeit could physically get lost, or the message could get lost o 6 panel o 8 panel o Others- odd folds Figure out goal/objective before Readability o Bullets o Quick statements o Tell them where to go for more information Budget Color Paper type- weight of paper, finish of paper Photos and gloss or spot color Three stages Manuscript Design Comprehensive layout Panels Cover Background Play for key Major message inside the cover page panel 3- center, panel 4- all open right side (3 and 4 should be double paneled) Marketing and communication brochure designs, brochures for marking and communication Staple...
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Brochures - Sizeit could physically get lost, or the...

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