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Prehistoric Life Lab Final Study Guide

Prehistoric Life Lab Final Study Guide - Lab Final Study...

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Lab Final Study Guide Intro to Fossils Kanservat Laggerstatten- fossil localities unique for diversity or quality of preservation Solnhofen- made of limestone, contained Archaeopteryx transitional fossil Holzmadden- contained swimming mother with fetuses Calcium phosphate- CAPO4, most stable fossil material, makes up bones and teeth (example: coprolite) Calcium carbonate- CACO3, most common, makes up shells and corals, calcite (more common, brown and dull) or aragonite (less common/stable, shiny like mother of pearl) Siliceous- SIO2, least stable, petrified wood External mold- outside is preserved, like an imprint Internal mold- inside is preserved, like the inside of a shell Steinkern- completely preserved internal mold Cast- completely replaced by another material Permineralization- process to petrify wood Latin ending in “I”- male Latin ending in “ae”- female Latin ending in “ensis”- place Biostratigraphy Stratum- general term for a layer of rock Formation- specific name for a stratum Member- part of formation distinguishable from other parts Chronostratigraphy- study of the ages of rock layers compared to time Biostratigraphy- the correlation/dating of rock layers using fossils Shale- hardened mud, silicon based rock Sandstone- hardened sand, silicon based rock Limestone- carbon based rock Sedimentary rocks- sand, clay, mud, the only rocks fossils are found in Conformable- No interruption between strata Unconformable- interruption between strata due to erosion Range zone- time range a fossil is in existence Index fossil- any fossil used to identify rock layers; must evolve rapidly, be widespread, and have a short life span as a species Geologic Time Scale I. Precambrian Era- soft bodied organisms, Ediacaran fauna during the Eocambrian (later part) II.
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