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Sociology Midterm Review - Sociology Midterm Review TSEL:...

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Sociology Midterm Review TSEL: Chapter 1, Making Sense of the World Differently 1. What is sociological mindfulness? What does it accomplish? Why be sociologically mindful? Sociological mindfulness- the practice of paying attention to how the social world works Important because everyone has a right to live a good life, and helping others live a good life involves paying attention to how our actions affect them Can decrease the amount of hate, violence, prejudice in the world 2. What does it mean to be biased? When do charges of bias often arise? When does bias become a problem? Bias- to have a mental inclination to see the world and things in it in a particular way; in a sense practitioners in all academic disciplines are biased Charges of bias- arise when people use different perspectives, or different “conceptual lenses”, to make sense of the world Bias as a problem- we sometimes fail to recognize that it affects all of us and imagine our perspective is neutral, while others are biased; it also can be too rigid and keeps us from considering new evidence and ideas TSEL: Chapter 2, Inventing the Social World 1. Why do ideas or shared beliefs matter? How do ideas become "invisible"? Ideas- the social world exists only because ideas create it, forming patterns of activity people complete Invisible ideas- most cultural habits or practices exist only in people’s heads, formed when someone finds a solution to a problem, others adapt it, and it becomes normal 2. What are reifications? How do they make people “disappear”? What are the consequences for this? Reifications- the failure to see the social world as a human construction or the tendency to see it as a separate entity apart from humans Consequences- this can make it hard for people to take accountability for their actions and makes them feel powerless, because they think the social world is beyond their control; ex. both gender and race are a socially constructed complex 3. What are the strategies Schwalbe recommends for helping us to see how the social world is being made? Why should we bother? Strategies- watching two or more people solve a common problem shows how the solution is reached and becomes part of the social construction, paying attention to labels and identities shows how people form a concept of identity, observing how people form a truth and accept it shows how truth is constructed socially Important- paying attention to all this allows us to change harmful or destructive parts of the constructed social world, because humans have the ability to imagine a better world than currently in existance 4. Does Schwalbe think sociology is just common sense? Why or why not? Sociology is not common sense because we have to teach ourselves to be mindful of our world and
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Sociology Midterm Review - Sociology Midterm Review TSEL:...

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