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March 31 notes - ISL Ch 17: Young Childrens Racial and...

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Holly Beilin ISL Ch 17: Young Children’s Racial and Ethnic Definitions of Self March 31 1. How do children make use of racial and ethnic identifications and distinctions? How do these identifications help them to construct their social lives and develop their sense of self? Children of races other than white often try to find their place in a white-dominated society that implicitly and explicitly accents a racist continuum running from positive whiteness to undesirable blackness Children regularly seize upon the connections between skin color and other markers of differences between people to categorize the world; ex. when celebrating Kwanzaa some children used skin color as a qualification to determine whether other children could participate Racial markers are used to point out differences between people, defining the self in relation to the other 2. How would you characterize children's interactions with adults, when it comes to racial and ethnic identification? The presence of adults radically changes the nature of interaction between children because they realize the adults disapprove of some of their activity ISL Ch 35: Straddling Racial Boundaries at School 1. What is the "acting-white thesis?" How is it used to explain achievement among minority students in school? What narratives are used to explain immigrant minority youths' achievement in school? Acting white thesis- because many African-American students have come to perceive high academic achievement as the territory of white students. They see academic excellence as a form of whiteness This can explain low achievement among minority students because involuntary immigrant
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March 31 notes - ISL Ch 17: Young Childrens Racial and...

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