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March 14 notes - Holly Beilin Gender Play Chapter 1-3 March...

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Unformatted text preview: Holly Beilin Gender Play Chapter 1-3 March 15 1. What motivated Thorne to write this book? What in particular did she want to study? How did she conduct her study? Thorne wrote this book to ask How do children actively come together to help create and sometimes challenge gender structures and meanings? Her goal is to help bring children from the margins and into the center of sociological and feminist thought. Study- Thorne conducted detailed observations of daily life in two elementary schools, especially of studying children at play; during 1976-77 she observed children in a fourth-fifth grade class for 8 months in a public school in California and in 1980 in a Michigan public school for 3 months 2. How did Thorne try to get around adult authority during the course of her study? If she was too associated with adult authority she would have difficulty gaining access to kids private worlds Thorne asked kids as well as staff to call her by her first name, but when speaking to kids referred...
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