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January 25 notes

January 25 notes - TSEL Chapter 5 Becoming Human January 25...

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TSEL Chapter 5: Becoming Human January 25 I. Intro a. The box experiment- raising one identical twin in a box with no human contact and the other normally will produce obvious differences, proving that social interaction matters b. Without social life, no potential would develop; with a different social life, different potentials would be developed. Everyone has more potentials than will be realized. II. Gathering Meanings a. Taking on Identities a.i. We learn to define ourselves using terms available in our culture, taught to us by social interaction, and thereby gain a sense of who we are a.ii. Identities are public meanings that determine how people treat each other and locate them relative to each other b. Language b.i. Acquiring language allows us to become self-aware and function in the social world b.ii. Learning one’s name is the first step to becoming a fully realized human being III. Regulating Ourselves a. If you are attached to some identities because you/others value them highly and
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