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january 18 notes - TSEL Chapter 4: Relationships, Groups,...

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TSEL Chapter 4: Relationships, Groups, and Interdependence January 18 I. Beyond Individualism a. Interdependence a.i. Individual achievement, a very Westernized notion, is an illusion because achievement always grows out of a person’s ties to others, their relationships and interactions a.ii. No high achiever would have reached that status without caretakers to help them survive and grow up, others giving them opportunities to develop their abilities, or people recognizing the results of their efforts and providing accolades or commendations a.iii. A capacity for any kind of performance turns to nothing if the context does not enable its development; ex. Mozart would have never been famous if someone had not invented the piano b. Mindfulness of interdependence b.i. Being mindful of the social basis of achievement can help one avoid being egotistical, selfish, and ungrateful, as well as feel compassion for those whose chances to live good lives are limited b.ii. Everything we know about the world and our point of view is the result of our relationships with others; therefore, we are limited unless we move around and experience other worlds c. Perspectives and groups c.i. Points of view are linked to the group one inhabits and the position of that group relative to others; ex. teachers have a specific perspective based on their position in the school system c.ii. People who do similar kinds of work, solve similar problems, and relate to other people in similar ways tend to develop a shared outlook on the
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january 18 notes - TSEL Chapter 4: Relationships, Groups,...

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