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january 13 notes

january 13 notes - TSEL Chapter 1 Making Sense of the World...

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TSEL Chapter 1: Making Sense of the World Differently January 13 I. Sociological Mindfulness a. What is mindfulness? a.i. To be mindful of a person means trying to see and appreciate his or her uniqueness as a thinking and feeling being a.ii. Sociological mindfulness is the practice of tuning-in to how the social world works; how to pay attention to the social world a.iii. This shows us how the social world is created by people, how infants become functional human beings, how we are interdependent with others, etc b. Justification for sociological mindfulness b.i. A good life-one that is stimulating, intense, purposeful, caring and dignified- can be had only in a society that is peaceful and cooperative. Everyone has a right to a good life and since all human lives are intertwined, everyone has a responsibility to consider how our actions affect others chance to live a good life b.ii. Mindfulness is useful because it helps us see how our lives are intertwined and how our actions help or harm others from living a good life; sociological mindfulness can therefore help decrease the amount of hatred, misunderstanding, and violence in the world c. The rarity of sociological mindfulness c.i. Many people are too lazy to think about being mindful, or do not believe that it will actually matter c.ii.
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