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february 22 notes - TSEL Chapter 6: Behavior as a Product...

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TSEL Chapter 6: Behavior as a Product of Interaction February 22 Situational Condition: People act in response to the situation they think they are in, on the basis of what they think is at stake for them in that situation Situations can be difficult to judge because they are ambiguous, risky, or easy to rationalize a failure Cultural Context: Being sociologically mindful of context also means paying attention to culture- the beliefs, values, and practices that are shared and transmitted from one generation to the next among a group of people, must be considered under the conditions to which a group is surviving in By taking culture into account, we can appreciate how behaviors that seem weird or wrong to outsiders is normal and proper to insiders; we cannot understand what people do and why without considering what world a person was born into Interactional Surprises: What happens in a situation is the result of people trying to figure out how to do something together and to how behavior arises, often unpredictably, out of interaction People do not simply react to a context, they join with others to create a context and figure out what kind of behavior it calls for Minding and Un-Minding the Self: The self-awareness with which we depend to control our behavior can be greatly reduced in a crowd; ex. going crazy after your team wins the football game In a crowd, people may feel anonymous, as if they won’t be recognized and held accountable for their acts; those people have stopped caring for a moment about how they will be judged by the audience Defining the Situation: It is not only the presence of others that can make one forget to be accountable but also how a situation is defined
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february 22 notes - TSEL Chapter 6: Behavior as a Product...

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