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Quiz 17 - Asian Philosophya Quiz#17 December 7 2011...

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Unformatted text preview: Asian Philosophya Quiz #17 December 7, 2011 Siddhartha; pp 54-81 PHIL 3943—002 Name: i‘Z/ZD Answer & of the following true/false questions (worth 2 points each) /’)/ (1’. T or g Govinda kisses Siddhartha on the forehead at the end of the book. 2 T or Siddhartha had two sons by Kamala. 3. G or F Siddhartha says that the opposite of every truth is also true. 4. T or ® Kamala dies while on her way to hear Arjuna speak about his heroic battle. . F /1/ l; @M Answer ONLY ONE of the following short answer questions in the space below (worth fl points) Siddhartha describes for Govinda his love of mountains. 6. What does Vasudeva mean when he says that most people find the “river” to be an obstacle? Be sure to explain what the “river” represents, tool 7. Discuss in detail the meaning and characteristics of “listening,” in terms of both Siddhartha and Buddhism. WM“ \Lxéoifl/Vk QMS W MDS¥ Wele gut} ’4fo “Rh/fl! s; 05; (M (Lbfimu s} \N" ‘IMMS M 91un [DOV M Hr a!) 9“ Emma, between “stem;- $¥amml$ mlween. «14de W W timgifl. in Wwwtic Wms.’ vatsochJac F3 ewes/tang M Hm. Purpo‘ie, at: «Hull rim is nulvgivsrm We“? 3% ‘Om W lwi' {+6 comm. Wit-J13 “13+ mph] M‘ochwS Hie be' all—{Wu “:4“ <5 ‘I ‘ a... mm W mm.) car 4:? b36536 time? (1:0 u E“ “W $VM\?<M a? A}; .I‘. V [ - t m New w! mud, Maxim 3“ Lawn}; o? ‘mxmpw cmtfi name MMWJP /L\ is aeofififfieeg, On at. cataxxohr €mje 1' 422d M bawse N? you) qr; Cm W ‘35 hueg .r “‘x Mtrwfik We as a... mag +0 ,3; m mack. sen/w. JHW you miss We 44%,“qu 521? MA or .‘maz C {3%va [k {‘6ch 0? kCC-QQ‘l‘MCaQ. BJ-lr {\Afiafi‘ Slafigdg 4.} Ear mm .. f (:7 456$“? ...
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