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Class 1/19/2012 Notes IST 352 System Components - Inputs/Outputs - Processes - Control mechanism - Feedback Loop What is a system? - Different related processes working together towards a common goal -Systems create stability -All organizations have systems -Automated systems are for tasks humans aren’t designed for -Operational Systems (Transactions): Routine, Internal data, Transaction based, Granular, Low Risk -Tactical Systems (Decision Support): Mid-Management, Supervisor, Semi Routine Decisions, Summarized, Mid-Risk -Strategic Systems (Executive Info Systems): High-Risk, Senior Decisions Makers,
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Unformatted text preview: Highly Summarized Info, External SDLC (Winston Royce 1969)-Planning: Decide what it is you want to do, who the stakeholders are-Analysis: List requirements, go out as a detective and determine what has to be done to put in new system-Design: Most important-Implementation: Build the solution, buy the solution, test the solution, train people, do documentation-Maintenance and support: Fix defects, make improvements- As time passes, costs rise- Older the system the more its going to cost to maintain...
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